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Rock Star Scientist Giant Pack of Stickers, Magnets, or Postcards, 70 Famous Scientists in History

Rock Star Scientist Giant Pack of Stickers, Magnets, or Postcards, 70 Famous Scientists in History

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Get ready to celebrate some of the greatest minds in science with this set of 70 science designs available as stickers, magnets, or postcards! Each design features the name of a scientist from history along with a minimalist illustration representing their field of study.

Whether you're a science enthusiast or looking for a unique gift for someone special, these designs are perfect for you! Use them as postcards for a one-of-a-kind teacher gift or geeky stationary, choose them as a sticker pack to decorate your laptop with science-themed decals, or pick them as fridge magnets for some geeky office decor! These designs are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of creative ways. Create a science-themed room, frame them for unique wall art, or use them to inspire your next science project. They're versatile, educational, and make for a fantastic gift for any science lover. 

  • STICKERS - are vinyl stickers with rounded corners and 3.3"x 2.17"
  • MAGNETS - they are 2"x 3.5" with a UV Coating that adds protection and glossy finish (thin magnets are intended as decoration and will not hold up papers - see example photos for thinness of the magnets)
  • POSTCARDS - are standard size (5 5/8"x 4") with a glossy finish

Anning, Mary
Bardeen, John
Berners-Lee, Tim
Bohr, Neils
Borlaug, Norman
Brahe, Tycho
Burnell, Jocelyn Bell
Carson, Rachel
Carver, George Washington
Copernicus, Nicolaus
Curie, Marie
Darwin, Charles
Da Vinci, Leonardo
Dirac, Paul
Edison, Thomas
Einstein, Albert
Faraday, Michael
Feynman, Richard
Fermi, Enrico
Fleming, Alexander
Franklin, BENJAMIN
Franklin, ROSALIND
Galilei, Galileo
Goddard, Robert H.
Goodall, Jane
Hamilton, Margaret
Hawking, Stephen
Heisenberg, Werner
Hertz, Heinrich
Hodgkin, Dorothy
Hopper, Grace
Hubble, Edwin
Jemison, Mae
Johnson, Katherine
Lamarr, Hedy
Lavoisier, Antoine
Leavitt, Henrietta
Lederberg, Esther
Leeuwenhoek, Antonie van
Linnaeus, Carl
Lovelace, Ada
Mandelbrot, Benoit
Maxwell, James
McClintock, Barbara
Meitner, Lise
Mendel, Gregor
Mendeleev, Dmitri
Newton, Issac
Nightingale, Florence
Nobel, Alfred
Noether, Emmy
Oppenheimer, J. Robert
Pasteur, Louis
Pauling, Linus
Pavlov, Ivan
Payne, Cecelia
Pincus, Gregory
Ramanujan, Srinivasa
Ramón y Cajal, Santiago
Sagan, Carl
Salk, Jonas
Schrödinger, Erwin
Tesla, Nikola
Tharp, Marie
Turing, Alan
Wegener, Alfred
Woese, Carl

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